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About the game

Classic style top down arcade action with 30 playable characters, 20 different weapons, 9 vehicles to take over, procedurally generated levels, challenging boss fights, two player local co-op, and much more....

A complete game without any ads and paywalls; All characters and weapons can be unlocked by playing the game and earning in-game money...

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Programming, design, animation: Manuel van der Avoird.
Testing: Manuel van der Avoird, Bimbarlade, JMB.
Graphics: Manuel van der Avoird, Bimbarlade.
Music by Eric Matyas (www.soundimage.org)
and Jason Shaw (www.audionautix.com).

Copyright Ededo Entertainment 2019-2021.

Current version is: 1.2.30

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
GenreShooter, Action
Made withUnity
TagsArcade, Co-op, Local Co-Op, Procedural Generation, Retro, Top down shooter, Twin Stick Shooter, Voxel
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any)
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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Was this inspired by Ikari Warriors on the NES?  Because it plays a lot like Ikari Warriors

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Before the game was finished I had not seen too much of Ikari Warriors. My main inspirations were Land Sea Air Squad and Commando.

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I don't think so, but I might be able to implement it. Why do you need it, if I may ask?

If you want to reset the video resolution you can delete the settings file in "users/(yourcomputername)/appdata/LocalLow/Ededo Entertainment". (The path given here is for Windows...)

Oh I just like to play games in windowed mode, since it lets me access discord and stuff easier. Also sorry for taking so long to reply, I didn't check itch lol.


Is there any way to get this game into windowed mode? thanks.


thanks a lot for your work!

We tested 1.2.30 for several hours in 2 player endless mode and
no bug could be detected - while achieving a new highscore. Great!

And nice to see Unity 2020.3.23f1 (since 1.2.29).   :)

Best wishes,


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thanks for your work.

Today we tested your latest version 1.2.27 (19.11.2021):

We encountered a new bug (in endless mode with 2 local players):
2 times same problem with helicopter - after first seeing rockets,
suddenly there are just pixels, no rockets (still firing - sound as if
everything is OK), B (get out or vehicle) does  not work - till I get
shot (being player 1) ... my friend had not that problem, but was
in heli only once. This problem never occured before ... .

The problem to get stuck at the bottom of the screen may be hard
to trigger; so it did not occur today (i.e. yesterday ;) ... but we will
keep an eye on that, too.

Best wishes,


First I did not understand your problem with the rockets but I found out that the heli does not climb to its supposed height after certain collisions. Therefore the rockets are colliding immediately to the ground and you also can't exit from that low position. In other cases you could also not get out.

Fixed it and thoroughly tested it. I will upload version 1.2.29 within an hour. Thank you very much for your help.

Version 1.2.25 released.


thanks a lot for your work!

Concerning point 2:
We have just tested your new version 1.2.20 (celebrated with
a new highscore ;) and can confirm that now the controllers are put
in the order they are used - very convenient - just great!

Unfortunately, point 1 which is a seldom bug but was available
before the latest engine update if I remember correctly is still
there - I was in the Jeep and was shot by a tank when I was
in the bottom region so lost my vehicle but could only move
to the left or right - not upwards.
As my friend ran to the bottom (co-op endless mode), I got free.
So not a big problem - but this little bug is still there.

For us playing your game was just a perfect experience ...
really nice how the game still evolves.

Best wishes,


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(Edited) Version 1.2.23 is now up.

Fixed the following things:

- Tweaked some things to keep the players better within the bounds of the playfield, hopefully fixing the "stuck" bug you mentioned before.

- Redefined keyboard keys were not saved in the previous version, and in the "player select screen" there was a problem where you could not start a mission with any other (custom) keyboard key press than "enter".

- Certain vehicles (tank and motor cycles) could move around a shot down player. This was not intentional.

- And a lot of other little things...

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Ok, version 1.2.20 is up now, with points 1 and 2 fixed.

About point 2 again, I've given it another look and I believe I have solved the problem I was stuck with, so - like you requested - who opens the menu in the title screen is player 1 now.

(2 edits)

Hi JMB9, thank you very much for your praise and ongoing help and interest!

About point 1: This seems to be because of the engine update. I changed a few offsets and it appears to be fixed now. Will upload a new version ASAP.

Point 2: Once before I succeeded in going this, but the problem here lies in that the defined "keysets" need to be swapped around for this to work and especially when using different controllers this appeared to be quite the problem as I could not get it right. I just *may* take another look at this.

Point 3: The areas are indeed quite different but I tried to balance them in a way so that one specific area would not give too much of an advantage - both in scoring and attack patterns - compared to the others.

Best wishes to you too!


Thanks for your game engine update
Unity 2020.2.1f1 => Unity 2020.3.21f1

in version 1.2.18 of 24.10.2021.

We keep on playing Rush Troopers on a regular basis.
It is still a great experience and even while specifically looking
for bugs we have just discovered three relatively minor points:

1) One may get stuck at the bottom or top of the screen when disembarking from vehicles or when the vehicle explodes,
i.e. one can no longer move towards the middle of the screen.
In most cases this is only a matter of time ...
as soon as the other player approaches the game continues normally.

2) When playing with two controllers (e.g. Logitech F310), they are
assigned to players in a fixed order if both are plugged in from
the beginning. It would be nice if this could be changed so that
P1 is assigned to the controller whose button is pressed first
(we understand that this is not an easy change - but maybe this
 could be addressed one day).

3) The terrain types (City, Jungle, Forest etc.) are quite different
concerning the attack patterns, enemies, and vehicles used.
So it would be fitting to have separate highscores for these areas.
The highscores we CAN reach in different terrains are certainly
not the same.

Best wishes - and thanks for your excellent work!


merry belated Christmas!  ;)

We played a little more Rush Troopers ...

It seems the new version was addressing weapon balance ... unfortunately my friend used SMG which is now no longer superior - so the nerf is justified. So he switched and is now using the flamethrower.

Concerning weapons we wonder why the rocket launcher only fires upwards ... maybe there is a way to set the target for the missile to automatically follow? As the enemies use them much better, this was our guess ...

I like the bazooka - is there a way to have the double one permanently from the start - maybe by using a cheat code?  :)

We have a special set (avatar and weapons) when playing together ...  but when starting "Rush Troopers" it determines automatically which gamepad is player 1 and which is player 2 instead of assigning player one to the gamepad where A is pressed first. Currently we just pull the USB plug for player 2 and after selecting game mode replug it - so it works as desired.

A last question: we noticed in two player endless mode the score is occasionally reset to zero for one player and we could not find a reason. What are the conditions for this?

As we played for fun we did not notice this before ... and it is a lot of fun!!!

Best wishes,


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The SMG thing was actually a timer related bug. :) Good thing you noticed the rocket launcher firing only up; It should be firing into the direction you shoot, but home in if close to the target. It seems to be a migration bug because of upgrading the editor to a newer one (from Unity 2019 to Unity 2020). I've discovered the error and I just fixed it now.

At that moment does the score reset? After dying, reviving? Edit: I just accidently found out that it also seems to happen with player 1, if you managed to still hit an enemy after you just died. I fixed it now by not getting that score when you are dead/out of lives.

Also fixed the crocs getting out of the water... Again! :P

I will look if I can make player 1 the one who pressed fire first in the menu, if it isn't too much of a hassle.

Thank you again for telling me of these bugs, I will add you to the credits if you don't mind. ;) I will tell you here when the fixed new version is up.

Best wishes also,


(4 edits)

The new release 1.2.12 had just been uploaded with all the fixes told in advance. (Plus some minor other fixes.) I've also updated the Android port in the Google Play Store.

Changing the controller mapping to player 1 - who pressed the button in the menu - was doable, but because of problems, (somehow the button configurations messes up if you have controllers with different button mappings and alternate between being player 1 and player 2) I decided to not include it.


thanks for your replies and the new version(s) - we tested 1.2.15 and have some feedback!

Rocket Launcher now works fine and can even intercept other rockets.

Would it be possible to make the bonus from stars stack, so that a player who collects two silver stars starts with a double weapon after revival?  [Yes, I feel naked without my double bazooka! ;) ]

I think we have noticed when the score sometimes resets to zero. If a player's bullet/rocket/etc. hits an opponent while the player is down, the score gets reset to this newly gained score (e.g. 100 points with message "hit chain +100" still displayed). Anything previously earned is lost.

Thanks a lot for your work! We both enjoyed the last co-op session ... :))

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"I think we have noticed when the score sometimes resets to zero. If a player's bullet/rocket/etc. hits an opponent while the player is down, the score gets reset to this newly gained score (e.g. 100 points with message "hit chain +100" still displayed). Anything previously earned is lost."

Did you also experienced this in the current version? Thanks to your comment I also found that out in the previous version, but it should be fixed now in 1.2.15. Now you should not gain chain bonus scores  anymore if you are down with no lives left. (That gave you the new score after the score had been internally reset, because well, the game was over.)

Most stars do stack in fact, except that picking up a double weapon replaces the shield and vice versa. It is intended however that you lose everything if you lose one life. This way you would be on your toes, careful to not get hit.

Anyway, I made sure that each weapon is just as viable without the bonusses and weapons have unique characteristics. Weapons with shorter range usually do more damage or are able to destroy buildings and the like. The only exception is the combat knife, which is for melee fans but does moderate damage to the bosses and is also the cheapest to buy. ;)

(1 edit)

Yes, as mentioned we tested the current version 1.2.15 and saw this message playing `2 Player' & `Endless Mode' - but we noticed from your former comment that you fixed something similar - so maybe a special case (caused by e.g. reviving) still faulting - and yes, we get this "hit chain +100" message when the score got reset and we both died. This happens also in between (so maybe several times zeroed before the final count is achieved ... so we don't know how effective we really are ... but playing just for fun is not touched by that bug - it's only the statistics ... :) but we are mostly too busy to get a feeling about the conditions triggering the score to get zero.

Thanks for the comments about the weapons ... and yes the weapon balance has improved ... so the remark is not a criticism but only a wish to keep the flow in Coop non-stop mode. It is really something contemplative for me ... just reacting by instinct ... really refreshing ... ;)

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I may have found the problem now; Fixed by resetting the score at a later point. Doing some testing now... *edit: seems to be working fine now*

Deleted 3 years ago


we have just started playing Rush Troopers after lockdown for several hours.

And the most annoying bug is now fixed - after reviving the partner the revived person has now always the usual weapon and can fire. Well done!

One bug is still present - when someone was wounded and was revived really late (i.e. blinking), that person is visible on his feet for a second and is then disappears. But when the remaining person dies, the enemies seem to crowd at a different location than the last death as if the 1st dead person is still there and the game does not ask to "retreat" / "try again".

We could not see a larger field of view - but I will come back to that when using an 8k screen - so maybe late 2021.  ;)

Best wishes - and keep up the excellent work!

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Thanks for the clear bug report. Going to look into it. Best wishes from me also. :)

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New version 1.2.8 is up. The bug should be fixed now. 

Also "fixed" it so that the enemies don't try to smack down things like street lanterns. :) And players now stay visible in Mission Mode's "game over" screen.

(ps: 8k will not give you a larger field of view either ;) )

Thanks a lot - we can confirm that the bug is fixed now. Many thanks for your work - and unfortunately we have no bug left to report to you. ;)

Just out of curiosity - do you have any interest to put this fantastic game to other platforms like GOG? From my point of view it is astonishing that there are a lot of games present on all gaming platforms which have not come out of beta state while Rush Trooper is a really captivating experience and from our point of view the best local coop game in that respect (we have tried more than 50) - and it's the game we spent the most time with by far.

I understand that Rush Troopers could be more popular if I (or others) did some marketing for it, especially in these current times where a zillions of games are released every day and good ones easily slip under the radar.

But marketing, and releasing the game on other platforms like Steam, PS Store - and probably also GOG - costs quite a bit of money. And as I wanted Rush Troopers to be a (completely) free game, this was not an option. It would be nice if some popular Youtube influencers would showcase it but I don't want to be a beggar. ;)

(There is however an, although now outdated, Android OS port on the Google Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ededo.rushtroopers&hl=nl&gl=US)

Rush Troopers really makes a lot of fun. Playing under Linux with 4k resolution, gamepad and local coop it's stunning how long this game can be fascinating.

Are further improvements planned for the future - and if so would it be possible to enlarge the field of view to see enemies before they can reach with weapons? This may be a very nice option when high resolution is available - and it will increase in near future ... 8k is in prep.

Thank's a lot for your excellent work!

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Hello JMB9,

Great to hear you like the game! And also good to hear it works nicely in 4K, as I don't have a 4K monitor yet. The current size of the field of view in this game had been chosen for maintaining good enough visibility for the android port (on Google Play) and also for the fact that I don't like games with characters that are too small for my own taste. ;-) But good to hear your input and perhaps I will change it in a later version for the non-android versions, or maybe as an option.

Right now I think I am quite done with the game however, and I've already started working on other things that may or not see  the light of the day.  But if someone finds and reports any bugs I will still fix them. I was just about to release a "remastered" version of "Sector Squad" that you also may look into. It's actually my very first game made with Unity "ages" ago so just don't expect the same quality. ;-)


After Testing Sector Squad we had a lot of fun playing Rush Troopers in Endless Mode for several hours ... and just have two questions:

Is it on purpose that sometimes one is revived and can not shoot until one revives the team mate?
In case this is a bug it would be nice if it can be fixed.

Concerning the question about a wider field of view - if this is too much work would it be possible to use a green (for tank) and orange (for helicopter) lamp left and right of the street at the top and at the bottom to indicate a tank/helicopter approaching to arrive here in the next ~10 s by blinking lights?

(1 edit)

I am not sure what you mean. When you are reviving your teammate you cannot shoot, that is intentional.

And ok, I gave in to your request. :) I've increased the fov now, feel free to test v1.2.2.

Thanks for the change - we will look at it and give it a thorough testing - will take 2 weeks as I expect a new computer and have to do a lot when it arrives ...

Concerning the reviving problems we came across two problems (well, we play more than 5 hours when we meet - so maybe we are really sensitive even for rare problems ;).

The 1st problem I mentioned above is: After being revived, a player is sometimes unable to shoot or use either weapon PERMANENTLY. Other than restarting, this can only be fixed by having the other player die and be revived by the "weaponless" player. This happens only rarely in Endless Mode but when it does it's a real challenge to continue the run.

A second problem - which is extremely rare: When a player tries to revive the team mate JUST in the very moment he disappears (I am slow at times :), the game does not register his death correctly. The "not quite revived" player disappears (as if he had died) but when the other player dies too, the game still assumes he's there and displays messages like "Hurry Up!".

Again, this does not happen often and is not a big problem since you can exit manually.

But it does show our engagement with this fantastic game - and now playing with gamepads the play time increased a lot!  :))

Many thanks for your terrific support !!!

Thanks again for reporting. Going to look into it.

1.2.5 is now up. I couldn't reproduce the things you mentioned but I've made some changes that would likely fix these, but I am not 100% sure. 

I've also fixed/improved some other - mostly minor - things. (The crocs are now staying in the water again, I wonder how I managed to break that...)

Updated my review

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This  game is a good arcade game! 5/5

(1 edit)

Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it! The controls can take a little time to get used to, it is like Shock Troopers and similar games, but you can also aim and fire with the right thumbstick, like a twin shooter.

I now added mouse support, and WASD is now the default control scheme.